ZeroClipboard Multiple Times on a Single Page

Took my first look at ZeroClipboard the other week and I have to say I like it a lot.

What is ZeroClipboard?

So, what is it?  It’s a small (important), free (very important) and cross-browser (very, very important) library which uses an invisible Adobe Flash movie and JavaScript interface that lets you easily copy text from your website to the clipboard. Continue reading

Infinite Scroll with a Repeater

One of the requirements for a project I have been working on lately is that paging of data is not allowed.  The solution so far had been just to output all the records to a GridView control which was fine until the data behind the application started to grow.  Once where only 50, 100, 200 records were being written out we are now getting 1000+ which, as you might expect, was not ideal for page rendering.

So I’ve looked at introducing paging back into the project but in an infinite scrolling capacity. Continue reading

Overcome Google Map resize issue within an AJAX tab container

I’m currently working on an existing website for a client and one of the requirements I’ve been given is to place an instance of a Google Map within a Microsoft AJAX Toolkit tab container.

This was easy enough but during testing I noticed that in some cases when I moved away from the page and then returned to it, the map was only displaying in the top left of it’s container div.  Upon  closer examination I found out that the only time this was happening was when the active tab index of the AJAX tab container was being set in code behind Continue reading