How to target SQL Server 2014 from a Visual Studio 2013 SQL Server Database Project

I’ve just installed SQL Server 2014 and want to check what might break in my current SQL Server 2008 database when I upgrade it.

Thomas LaRock has written a great article providing a list of a dozen things to check before upgrading and I would definitely suggest making this your first port of call if you’re planning an upgrade.  Continue reading

Managing Static Data in a SQL Server Visual Studio Project

I’m a fan of the SQL Server project type that ships with Visual Studio having used it over the years with a number of projects.  I’ve been away from it for a couple of years though having been working with a company that preferred Redgate’s SQL Source Control offering, so coming back to SQL Server projects again my memory’s been a bit hazy and I’ve struggled how to remember to do some things.

One of these things was how to manage static data Continue reading